General Questions

I love Mixer and Mixer streamers, and I especially love finding new small streamers who haven’t found an audience. However, I have very specific likes and wants that don’t often align with the more popular content that appears on Mixer (such as preferring Nintendo content). While I can look by specific games, I tend to find it rarely leads me to anything. So I wanted a way to make it easier to find the kind of streamers I like, and in turn provide the same to other streamers. MixMingler offers just that. It’s a tool for you to find new streamers to love, and connect with those who share your style.

As of Dec. 8 - Just Davis "murfGUY" Murphy.

MixMingler is about finding new streamers, not popular ones. So we want to highlight which games are popular to stream, not watch. It is our hope that it's easier to find streamers who match your preferences this way.

Community Questions


Joining a community means that you become a counted member of that community and you essentially telling others that you provide the sort of content under that community's banner. Joining will help you connect with streamers who produce similar content to you.

Following simply means that you are interested in watching the content provided in those communities. Following helps us determine which other streamers you may want to try watching.

You can do both actions independently of each other. While it may seem odd to "join" a community but not "follow" it, we felt that it there could be a chance that what you watch and what you make could not always inherently line up.

There are no limits to either. However, you may mark up to four communities as your Key Communities.

Core Communities are the communities that best represent the type of streams you create. You are allowed to select up to four of your joined communities to be your core communities. Marking a core community will give you more weight in being listed in a community, and when we suggest streamers to viewers.

User Questions

We routinely and automatically scan Mixer for online streamers, but in order to minimize calls to Mixer's API we only scan streamers who have 25 or more followers. If you are under 25 follows you can't be scanned and thus do not show up in a list of timelines or recent streams. If your profile is visited, it will still sync basic information and take note of any interesting milestones you've reached.

Alpha Test Questions

This is a work in progress, and any help is appreciated. If you have ideas, or want to test, or maybe even help code I'd love to hear from you. Try reaching out to me on Twitter first (@murfGUY) and we can discuss from there. There is also a MixMingler Discord where you can stay up-to-date with current updates, provide feedback and get testing requests.

I am currently building this site with the CodeIgniter PHP framework (and simulatenously learning how to use it). Additionally, you would need to have knowledge in HTML/CSS (Augmented with Bootstrap) and JavaScript (including jQuery and how to use AJAX to retreive/use JSON data). I do not yet have any of the code on GitHub, but plan to once I have more basics nailed down.

Each page has a red box near the footer which lists plans and ideas for those pages, so you can check those for core ideas of planned basic functionality for those pages. I have loose ideas of what I want to achieve and more ideas blossom as I work on the site and think of cool tools to help streamers. I also plan on creating an "Alpha Notes" page that outlines progress, ideas, and development notes.