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MixMingler Alpha Development Notices

30 August 2018

v0.2.6 is released and is a Release Candidate for v0.3-Communities. A stable and full suite of features revolving around Communities are now available. Please visit the MixMingler Discord OR report issues on the MixMingler GitHub page.

Here is a summary of features and updates for v0.3:

  • Users may join/follow Communities of similar streamers.
  • Users can manage thier communities from the Account Management area.
  • Users can now select up to four Core Communities, which are communities most associated to the type of content they stream.
  • Users can now view top streams and news feed for followed communities from their home page.
  • Users may opt to request a new community, which will be approved by site admins.
  • Community Admins can update and modify community details.
  • Community Admin/Moderators can moderate community members
  • The community details page has received a layout and functionality overhaul.
  • Users can follow/ignore games directly from thumbnails on the "All Types" page.
  • Users now receive email communications around personal community activity.
  • Users may also modify individual email settings from their account management page.
  • A complete overhaul to the database was performed in v0.2.2, resulting in a clean slate of data starting on Aug. 16, 2018
16 August 2018

v0.2.2 is released. This update included a large scale overhaul to the database struture. Due to this, all data has been purged from the database in order to accommodate these changes. This includes games followed, communities created, even registration to the site. This is a clean slate.